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Jan Mills, President/Chairman of the Board                         
Wade Satterwhite, Senior Vice President
Travessa Newsome, Vice President/Operations
Billy Saucier, Vice President
JaneAnne Newton, Vice President-Compliance/Loan Review
Carol Woodle, Auditor
Linda G. Finney, Marketing/Personal Banking Officer
Wilburn Hettich-Assistant Vice President
Julie Huffman, Assistant Vice President
Betty Faith, Assistant Vice President
Judy Pullin, Assistant Vice President/Personal Banking Officer
LaGena Wilson, Assistant Vice President/Secretary to the Board
Meya Stewart, Data Services Officer
Hollie McLeod, Assistant Vice President/Winona Branch
Cynthia Busby, Assistant Vice President/Southtown Branch


Jan Mills, Chairman 
Sammy Bell
Carl B. Davis
Melissa Greaner
B.B. Messimer
Randy Mitchell
Wade Satterwhite

Don Beaty
Jay Garrett
Ronny Knight
Sharlet Lovelady
Billy Saucier

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